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TRUathletes is the ONLY complete supplemental training program for teen athletes that includes:


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Who do you want to be, what do you want to accomplish, and what’s your plan? We’ll sit down with you to help you visualize the outcomes goals you wish to achieve, set in place performance-based goals to measure your progress, and the process goals you’ll implement on a daily and weekly basis to get there.
Learning how to make and keep promises made to self and others is invaluable. We’ll teach you to trust the plan we’ve agreed to and hold you accountable for working and adjusting your plan as necessary with frequent check-ins and consultation.
All competitive athletes suffer from fatigue, pain, stiffness, loss of strength and compromised athletic performance due to high repetition training and overuse. Injury recovery and peak athletic performance is possible for all athletes with our dynamic treatment combination of chiropractic care, neuromuscular therapy (NMR), and exercise therapy. We’ve helped thousands of athletes return from injury back to the field of play. Learn More >
As a young athlete, you have a baseline nutritional requirement that must be met every day for proper growth and development. We will educate you on how to meet your daily requirements for protein, healthy fat, high fiber carbs, fruits, vegetables, and dark, leafy greens. We will also highlight which foods impair athletic performance, so you may avoid them.

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Biomechanically correct movement is the foundation of athleticism. Can you fully contract and elongate all major muscle groups? Can you fully load, flex, extend, and rotate all major joint complexes? Our emphasis on optimal mobility will help you attain peak performance and prevent the breakdown of muscle, joint, and bone associated with high repetition movement.
Efficient strength training allows for maximum force generation and optimal ballistic movement. You will learn how to maximize your balance, agility, power, and endurance through progressive strength training protocols utilizing your body weight, while decreasing your risk of stress fractures and tendonitis commonly associated with Olympic Lifting protocols.
To consistently perform at your best, we will educate you on the proven self-care techniques that counteract the extreme fatigue and burnout frequently associated with high repetition training and competition. Strategies for post-workout nutrition, hydration, targeted inflammation control, dynamic and static stretching, adequate sleep and effective time management will be implemented.
Every athlete has an innate potential that is unique to them. To reach your potential you must learn how to care for yourself, trust the plan you’ve agreed to, be coachable in the training studio, kitchen, “on the field”, and in the classroom. The skills you acquire will help you achieve peak performance and longevity in your sport.

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